The fund requirement for capital expenditure for JJM has been arrived at on the basis of balance households to be provided with FHTCs as per 'per household cost' for different types of schemes. On the basis of data entered by States on IMIS, the balance households to be provided with FHTCs were decided.

Average number of persons per household is considered as five. This has been done purely to arrive at total outlay for the Jal Jeevan Mission and it should not form the basis for approval of schemes

Allocation/ earmarking of JJM fund at central level

  • A) Annual allocation under JJM (A) = (Gross Budgetary Support) + (Extrabudgetary Resource)
  • B.) Earmarking for Department/ National Mission level activities = up to 2% of A (which includes fund for NCDWSQ)
  • C.) Earmarking for JE-AES = 0.5% of A which is to be allocated amongst JE-AES States as per the existing criteria in this respect
  • D) Earmarking for NE States = 10% of A
  • E) Earmarking for EAP of RWSSP-LIS = to be allocated among the States as per requirement to be decided by Steering Committee
  • F) Allocation for NWQSM as per requirement of States decided by Department/ National Mission
  • G) Balance amount for non NE states/ UTs = A-(B+C+D+E+F)

Criteria for allocation of fund

The criteria and weightage thereof, to be followed for fund allocation under JJM both for budgetary and extrabudgetary resources will be as under:

Criteria % weight
Rural Population (as per last Census) 30
Rural SC and ST populaon (as per last Census) 10
States under DDP, DPAP, HADP and special category Hill States in terms of rural areas 30
Populaon (as per IMIS) residing in habitaons affected by chemical contaminants including heavy metals (as on 31 March of preceding financial year) 10
Weightage for balance individual household connecons to be provided 20

Fund sharing pattern for components of erstwhile NRDWP subsumed under JJM

Several sub-components/ sub-missions that were part of erstwhile NRDWP will also be funded along with Up to 2% of Annual Allocation will be set aside for the following activities at the Department/ National Mission level:

i.) administrative and capital expenditure related to NCDWSQ; and

ii.) for Department/ National Mission activities like PMU, professional services, third party functionality assessment, IEC & capacity building, M&E, R&D, action research, HRD, computerizing & MIS, centre of excellence, workshops, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, etc.